Our Mission

Introducing the most dependable GPS pet tracker in the world.

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What we do
Always know where your dog/cat is. Keep a watchful eye on their well-being and monitor their naps. Let them explore worry-free. With the most reliable GPS tracker in the world, enjoy complete peace of mind.

Live Mode and Location History

Receive updates every 2 to 3 seconds. Quickly locate them. Examine their daily activities. Find out where they like to hang out.

Virtual Fences and Wellness Monitoring

Create safe areas. Mark areas they should stay away from. Get warnings if they approach danger too closely. Compare activity with similar pets. monitor sleeping patterns. Identify problems at an early stage.

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Unlimited Range Worldwide

With coverage in more than 175 nations, you may travel with your friend without concern.

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Rapid Charging Battery

Recharge in less than two hours.Always be adventure-ready. Always prepared to take action.

What we don´t know

There is a lot we don´t know. Here is a small sneak peek

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100% Waterproof

Smash and splash-proof. So light your buddy won't notice it.

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Wellness Monitoring

Track activity. See how they sleep. Keep them healthy.

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Peace of mind. At your fingertips.

What we charge

You get all our knowledge for one simple price


  • Regular Location Updates Updates every 2-60 min
  • Unlimited LIVE Tracking Updates every 2-3 sec
  • Activity & Sleep Plus wellness features
  • Family Sharing Let many people track at once
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • 365 Days Location History
  • GPS data export